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Natural gas and electric deregulation opens a window of opportunity for you—an opportunity to choose who supplies your energy. By choosing UGI EnergyLink, you have a reliable, licensed and approved natural gas and electric provider you can trust to help you make smart energy decisions.

Live a little smarter.

Affordable home energy services.

When you take advantage of what UGI EnergyLink has to offer, we’ll show you:

  • How to switch—easily, with no service interruptions
  • How to lock in a rate to save money over time
  • How convenient protection plans for your appliances can deliver peace of mind
  • How a consolidated, predictable bill can improve monthly budgeting

Make a smart connection.

Control energy expense for your company.

When your company takes advantage of what UGI EnergyLink has to offer, you’ll:

  • Get a customized approach that best meets your company’s needs
  • Receive transparent pricing – no surprises or hidden fees
  • Better predict the impact on your budget
  • Get answers to your questions from professionals you can trust


UGI EnergyLink* is member of the Fortune 500 UGI Corporation family. Through this family, businesses, corporations and residents have depended on UGI for energy products and related services for more than 126 years.

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*UGI EnergyLink’s prices are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. UGI EnergyLink is not UGI Utilities and you are not required to buy from UGI EnergyLink in order to receive the same quality of service from your utility.