4 Ways Your Small Business Can Save on Energy

March 18th, 2017

As a small business owner in Pennsylvania, every dollar counts toward a healthy bottom line. If you’re looking for ways to save, your energy bills are a great place to start. You can always strive to decrease your electricity and natural gas consumption, but even if you already run a tight ship and conserve as much as possible, there’s still more room to save! Want to learn how? Just follow these four steps.

Take Advantage of the Deregulated Market

Some states, including Pennsylvania, have deregulated electricity and deregulated natural gas markets. This means, instead of having only one utility company to choose from, several suppliers compete for your business.

The purpose of electricity and natural gas deregulation is to lower prices and increase customer satisfaction by introducing competition into the market. You can take advantage of this by switching from your current utility to a deregulated supplier.

Choose the Right Pricing Option for You

Deregulation introduces two pricing options for your small business to choose from. These include:

  • Fixed pricing. This is an excellent option if your company must meet precise budget criteria with consistent monthly energy bills.
  • Indexed pricing. If you’re willing to accept some level of risk, you can choose this option and take advantage of market pricing. Wholesale conditions dictate whether rates go up or down, giving you the opportunity potentially maximize your savings.

Save a Few Cents per Kilowatt-Hour

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average cost of electricity for commercial customers in Pennsylvania was 9.01 cents per kWh as of Dec. 2016. At this rate, consuming 5,000 kWh per month would bring your electricity bill to about $450.

If you found a provider that could save you two cents compared to this average rate, you could lower your annual energy costs substantially. It may not sound like a lot, but by saving two cents per kWh, your monthly savings would be $100. That’s $1,200 per year!

Choose UGI EnergyLink, a Leading Natural Gas & Electricity Supplier in PA

If you’re hoping to make the above three suggestions for saving energy a reality, the fourth step is to switch to UGI EnergyLink. We’re proud to be a deregulated energy supplier with over 43,000 residential and commercial customers throughout the northeastern US.

Are you interested in taking advantage of the deregulated energy markets here in Pennsylvania? If so, contact UGI EnergyLink today to learn more!