Why Choose UGI EnergyLink?

UGI EnergyLink* is a part of UGI Energy Services, LLC., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of UGI Corporation. UGI Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that reliably supplies natural gas and electricity to over 43,000 residential and business customers throughout the northeast.

Now, residential customers in Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton, Schuylkill and York counties have access to the cost-saving opportunities that UGI EnergyLink delivers. Our commercial energy services extend throughout the following northeastern states:

Maryland (MD)
Pennsylvania (PA)
New York (NY)
New Jersey (NJ)
Delaware (DE)
Washington DC
Massachusetts (MA)
Ohio (OH)
North Carolina (NC)
Virginia (VA)

We serve:

Individuals and Families – UGI EnergyLink is your link to paying less for natural gas or electricity. With flexible, easy-to-understand pricing and plans, and the opportunity to lock in lower rates on energy, UGI EnergyLink delivers feel-good options to help you make smart purchasing decisions.

Small Business – Together, we can look at your current energy-buying habits and determine changes you can make to improve your bottom line. Depending on deregulated market conditions, we can help you save money and make monthly bills more predictable.

Commercial Business – We’ll help you control the impact on your bottom line of global energy markets, seasonal price swings, production factors, and general economic conditions. Together, we’ll review your deregulated energy-buying habits and determine more cost-effective options.

Institutional – Smart fiscal management dictates your need to control energy costs. UGI EnergyLink will help you determine financially sound ways to purchase energy to preserve budgeting and allow for the quality of services you provide.

Industrial – Whether you create, grow, process or assemble, UGI EnergyLink is your link to controlling energy costs. We’ll assist you in selecting the most cost-effective ways you can purchase energy.

Government – UGI EnergyLink is here to support you in maintaining your responsibility to taxpayers of wise fiscal management. We’ll provide you with energy consulting and expertise to help you make wise energy purchases.

National Accounts – Managing energy resources across varied regions of the country presents challenges to your productivity and profitability. We will help review your deregulated energy-buying habits and find the smartest ways to purchase natural gas or electricity so you can control the impact on your bottom line.

Credible, Reliable, Convenient Natural Gas Services

As one of the area’s largest and oldest natural gas suppliers, our company and our team offer the depth of experience you should insist upon from your provider. We work hard, in conjunction with your utility, to ensure that your service continues on reliably, with no service interruptions.

Convenience for you is also important to us. That’s why we’ve put together fixed and variable rate programs as well as some other options—designed to help you save over time. The program you choose will appear on the same monthly bill you already receive from your utility.

We’re all about providing you with responsible, effective solutions that help you make the smartest energy decisions for your home or business. Contact a helpful natural gas service representative today to learn more about UGI EnergyLink.

Cost-Effective, Convenient Electricity Services

We’re also proud to be one of the most well-established and reputable electricity suppliers in the northeast. Our residential electricity services extend to much of Pennsylvania, and our commercial services are available throughout much of the northeast.

As a result of electricity deregulation, UGI EnergyLink can offer various rate pricing plans—two of which include a fixed or variable rate.

Call us at 800-797-0712800-797-0712 to learn more about our pricing options on electricity service.

You can expect excellent quality of service and reliability when you make UGI EnergyLink your electric supplier. Your public utility will continue to provide metering and safety services, and it will also continue to serve as the appropriate point of contact for various electric issues you may encounter. Additionally, the utility will continue to send you a monthly bill. But now, UGI EnergyLink will appear on the bill as your electricity provider.

*UGI EnergyLink’s prices are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. UGI EnergyLink is not UGI Utilities and you are not required to buy from UGI EnergyLink in order to receive the same quality of service from your utility.

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