Commercial Natural Gas

Switch to a More Affordable Energy Provider

Controlling costs for your company can sometimes be the toughest part of the job. At UGI EnergyLink, we’re here to help. We work hard to find you affordable natural gas service for your company so you don’t have to. To find the smartest ways to purchase natural gas for your company, contact us and we will assist you with the following:

  • Review your deregulated energy-buying habits
  • Determine the effect of global energy markets on your purchasing
  • Consider seasonal price swings, production factors, and general economic conditions

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Commercial Natural Gas Pricing Options

To suit your business’s needs, we offer multiple pricing options for our commercial natural gas services. These price options include: 

Fixed Price

Achieve price certainty for periods that range from several months to more than a year by locking in a fixed price. It’s an ideal option that can help you manage your energy budgeting more easily.

Monthly Price

Buying at a monthly price gives you some certainty on energy costs while allowing monthly flexibility to take advantage of variable market conditions.

Triggered Price

Your UGI EnergyLink representative will help you control commodity prices by recommending NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) triggers at the most attractive pricing levels for your business.

Fuel Switching for Savings

Depending on market conditions, you may be able to use varied fuel choices to maximize your purchasing power. We can switch deliveries among natural gas, fuel oil, or propane, based on your preferences, to take advantage of product price differentials at any particular time.

FAQ: Switching to UGI EnergyLink for Commercial Natural Gas

Q. What do I need to do to switch our natural gas service over to UGI EnergyLink?
A. It’s easy. Just contact our office at 800-797-0712. Our service professionals will make all of the necessary arrangements for you and your company. All you need is your account number and current utility company’s name, which can be found on a recent bill. You can also switch over online with our simple enrollment form.

Q. Will the natural gas that we receive from UGI EnergyLink be the same quality as from the utility?
A. Yes, it is of exactly the same quality – delivered directly to your property through reliable pipelines. All that will change when you switch over to UGI EnergyLink’s commercial natural gas service is the contracted rate you pay for your natural gas usage.

Q. How much can I save on my gas bill?
A. Every company’s usage is different, so savings vary. We’ll be happy to provide a free savings analysis to help you make your decision. Even saving a few pennies on your fixed or monthly rate can add up in the long run.

Q. Will our current natural gas provider still provide services if I choose
UGI EnergyLink as our natural gas supplier?
A. Yes. Your public utility will continue to provide metering and safety services. Your utility owns the pipes and distribution system that brings the natural gas to your facility. They get paid a fee to deliver the gas to your meter. You will continue to pay this fee to your utility.

Switch to UGI EnergyLink for Affordable & Reliable Natural Gas Service

To switch to UGI EnergyLink’s commercial natural gas service, enroll today. You will receive:

  • Affordable pricing options (contact us to find out more about our competitive rates)
  • Reliable natural gas service that won’t be interrupted when you switch over
  • Great customer service from a company that has been serving the area for over 127 years
  • An easy enrollment and switch—no hassles!

Contact our natural gas experts today to learn more about our services.

We proudly serve businesses throughout the Northeast with natural gas in the following states:

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Washington, DC