Frequently Asked Questions About Pennsylvania Natural Gas Companies

Are you skeptical about switching to natural gas? Want more information about natural gas service in Pennsylvania? Check out our most frequently asked questions below.  If you have further questions—give us a call! We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about energy or natural gas for your home or business. Contact us online or give us a call—800-797-0712. ugi faqs

Natural Gas Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Natural Gas Deregulation?

Natural gas deregulation now gives you the opportunity to buy your gas from approved natural gas companies in PA other than your traditional utility company. UGI EnergyLink* is a fully licensed energy supplier. As one of the largest and oldest Pennsylvania natural gas suppliers, we can take advantage of market opportunities unavailable to a regulated traditional utility company. This allows us to offer our customers the potential to lower their annual natural gas service bills and enjoy price stability by locking in their monthly rate. In all cases, your local utility company will still maintain the distribution channels that deliver the natural gas directly to your home. *UGI EnergyLink’s prices are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. UGI EnergyLink is not UGI Utilities and you are not required to buy from UGI EnergyLink in order to receive the same quality of service from your utility.

Why Should I Trust UGI EnergyLink?

Today, UGI EnergyLink is the energy supplier of choice for more than 30,000 business customers in nine eastern states. UGI EnergyLink also is a part of UGI Energy Services, Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UGI Corporation. The UGI Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that has reliably supplied and delivered natural gas and other liquid fuels locally and globally for more than 126 years. With UGI EnergyLink, you can be confident you’re working with one of the most credible, helpful, and highly experienced Pennsylvania natural gas companies.

How Can I Compare Natural Gas Prices?

Just click here to view a handy comparison chart for different Pennsylvania natural gas companies. You also can call your local utility, or look on your current bill for a line that reads, “Your current price to compare is…..” CCF stands for “centrum cubic feet” and is a standard unit of measurement for natural gas.

How Can I Save Money on My Utility Bill?

Over any given year, natural gas rates fluctuate based on availability and demand. While UGI EnergyLink cannot predict the future, we do have a proven track record of saving our customers money as compared to other Pennsylvania natural gas companies. In addition, locking in your rate when prices are lower (like before winter starts and prices naturally rise because demand is higher) also helps you avoid seasonal spikes and better manage your annual energy costs.

Will I Continue to Receive One Natural Gas Bill?

Yes! Your UGI EnergyLink charges, as well as your local utility distribution fee, will be consolidated into one convenient bill and you will continue to make your payment to your local utility company.

Who Do I Call for Questions Regarding My Bill?

For assistance, just call the toll-free number featured on your natural gas bill. A customer service representative will either answer your question or direct your request to UGI EnergyLink, who will work with you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Will My Natural Gas Utility Continue to Come out and Check for Gas Leaks and Respond to Emergencies?

Yes. If you smell gas or need other emergency assistance, call your local utility immediately. Like some other Pennsylvania natural gas companies, UGI EnergyLink only buys your natural gas. Your local utility continues to own, operate, and maintain the natural gas distribution system in your neighborhood.

What Is a UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan?

A UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan is an annual service contract covering your home’s natural gas appliances that sets us apart from other Pennsylvania natural gas companies. Should a breakdown occur, your UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan guarantees you’ll get priority service 24/7, even on holidays. Our natural gas service experts are helpful, friendly, and serious about getting the job done.

Are There Any Risks If I Decide to Switch Back to My Old Plan?

No. If at any time you prefer to switch back to buying your natural gas directly from your local utility, UGI EnergyLink will not charge you a penalty or termination fee. However, if you choose from Pennsylvania natural gas companies other than your local utility, a $75.00 termination fee will apply to cover the added administrative costs. For your added convenience and peace of mind, you may continue your UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan as long as you like, even if we’re no longer buying your natural gas.

Is It Easy to Switch Natural Gas Companies?

Very easy! In most cases, it will take you only about five to ten minutes to switch to UGI EnergyLink. First, find your most recent natural gas bill or call your local utility company for your account number. Then click here and follow the simple instructions. There are no complicated forms and your natural gas service will not be interrupted in any way.

Contact our natural gas experts with any other questions about choosing between Pennsylvania natural gas companies and our natural gas services.