Maximize Your Home Efficiency

Your home’s energy efficiency can make a big difference not only on the environment, but also on your wallet! If you’re frustrated by high energy bills, try taking steps to improve your home efficiency – it will make more of a difference than you’d expect.

Here are some great tips on how to make your Pennsylvania home more energy efficient so you can get the most out of your energy and maybe even save some money in the process!

Keep the Air Inside

If your home isn’t well insulated and sealed, the hot and cold air from your HVAC system could be moving outside your home rather than staying in it. This is extremely wasteful because the energy you’re paying for is literally going out the window!

Fortunately, there are ways to increase your home efficiency and keep your hot or cold air inside your home. Make sure your walls are properly insulated so they hold in the air instead of letting it escape. Also check around windows and doors for air leaks. It is always a good practice to seal around windows and doors to prevent leaks even if you don’t feel any – this way you’ll be protected in the future.

Use ENERGY STAR® Appliances

This is an easy way to improve your home energy efficiency – buy appliances that will do it for you! Appliances such as dishwashers, televisions, furnaces, light bulbs, and more can be purchased with an ENERGY STAR® rating, meaning these products meet energy efficiency specifications as laid out by the Department of Energy and the EPA.

According to ENERGY STAR®, in 2010 American households saved $18 billion on utility bills by using ENERGY STAR® appliances – so buying these efficient products can make a big difference for your home efficiency and your energy bill!

Maintain Your Appliances

Just keeping up with regular maintenance can add to your home energy efficiency, as well as give you other benefits such as an increased equipment lifespan and fewer repairs. Leaving your appliances unmonitored means you won’t notice when filters get dirty, when there is dirt or buildup of other substances inside the appliance or other issues that can lower efficiency. For example, furnaces need their filters changed on a regular basis (once a month to every three months) and water heaters need to be drained to remove sediment – and if you don’t perform these maintenance tasks your equipment won’t operate at its optimal level. Keeping your appliances well-maintained can make a big difference in your home energy efficiency.

UGI EnergyLink offers HVAC Protection Plans to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are maintained and operate at maximum efficiency.

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Raise Your Home Efficiency by Adjusting Your Thermostat

If you only adjust your thermostat when the seasons change, you could be seriously damaging your home efficiency – and blowing through your budget. Adjusting your thermostat doesn’t mean you have to wear a sweater in your home just to save money in the winter; you can make your home more energy efficient and still feel comfortable.

Turn your thermostat down when you aren’t at home – you don’t need the heat, so why pay for it? You can also turn down your thermostat while you sleep, so you’ll only be paying for heat when you really need it (just try to limit yourself to 2-3 changes a day – you don’t want your furnace going crazy adjusting the temperature throughout your whole house!).

Get Great Home Efficiency with Natural Gas from UGI EnergyLink

A great way to maximize your home efficiency is to switch to natural gas from UGI EnergyLink. Not only is natural gas a very efficient heating option for your home (natural gas appliances tend to produce warmer temperatures than those powered by other fuels), but it is also very affordable. Check to see if our natural gas price is lower than your current provider – and then lock in a great low rate with us. Switch to our natural gas company and see if we can make a difference in your home efficiency!