A Guide to Natural Gas in Deregulated Markets

When choosing a heating source for your home or business, you probably have a lot of concerns. What is the most effective fuel source? What will save you the most money and improve your business’s bottom line? What will work the best with your appliances? Of all the popular residential and commercial heating sources, natural gas has the most advantages. Experience these advantages of natural gas with UGI EnergyLink! Our residential natural gas service is available in much of Pennsylvania, and our commercial natural gas service extends to much of the east coast. We will provide you with the natural gas to keep your home or business facility warm and power your appliances—all while saving you money! Contact us to experience the difference natural gas can make or keep reading to learn more!

Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural Gas is the Cleanest Fossil Fuel

Natural gas production generates fewer greenhouse gases than coal or oil. By using natural gas instead of other fossil fuels, you are helping to protect the environment from damaging emissions. This advantage of natural gas is good for the air you breathe as well as the environment you live in! Also, consumers are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious—they may appreciate your business’s decision to transition to natural gas.

Natural Gas Appliances are More Efficient

A major advantage of natural gas is that appliances that run on natural gas are much more efficient than electrically powered appliances. Natural gas appliances will complete any process faster than electrical appliances. Need your clothes dried fast? A natural gas dryer will get the job done—and in a cost-effective way! Generally, it is much less costly to dry a typical load of laundry with a natural gas dryer as opposed to drying it with an electric one. Need hot water quickly? A natural gas stove will give you boiling water in no time—many new gas stoves now have a “power boil” function that boils water in 90 seconds…try getting that from an electric range! When your chores are completed faster, you’ll have more time to spend as you please!

Natural Gas is Domestically Abundant

The vast majority of the American natural gas supply comes from right here in the USA! For people who are concerned about our foreign energy dependence, this is a big advantage of transitioning to our natural gas service. By getting your gas from UGI EnergyLink, you will be supporting American jobs and energy sources, which is also something your customers may appreciate—if you manage or own a business throughout our service area on the east coast.

Natural Gas is Reliable

With natural gas piped into your home or business, you will never have to worry about scheduling regular deliveries of your fuel or transporting heavy containers. You will have the gas right there, whenever you need it! Also, you’ll never have to worry about running out of the fuel. Underground pipelines eliminate potential supply disruptions due to winter storms or power outages, making natural gas delivery very convenient. This is something to keep in mind, especially considering the number of storms Pennsylvania receives every year.

Natural Gas Can Be Used Everywhere

An important advantage of natural gas is its ability to be used in all areas of your home or business facility. You can use natural gas to warm your structure, heat your stove and oven, power your washer and dryer, give you hot water, and run your grill and fireplace. And it will do all this extremely efficiently!

Natural Gas is Well Suited for Commercial Applications

Natural gas is well suited for use in many commercial settings. Natural gas use, for example, has been growing in the food service industry. Natural gas is an outstanding choice for commercial cooking requirements since it is a flexible energy source that’s able to supply the food service industry with appliances that can cook food in many different ways. Additionally, natural gas is an economical, efficient choice for large commercial food preparation establishments.

To learn more about other commercial industries where natural gas may be suitable, call UGI EnergyLink at 800-797-0712. Remember—we serve businesses throughout much of the east coast.

Natural Gas is An Affordable, Comfortable Heating Choice

Many homeowners and business owners find that natural gas is a much more affordable heating choice than either oil or propane. Natural gas furnaces also require less maintenance and can last up to 20 years, resulting in greater long-term savings. In addition, since your natural gas appliances will be more efficient, you will save even more money! In a competitive economic environment, businesses throughout the east coast (and households in PA alike) can really benefit by transitioning to natural gas heating.
Natural gas furnaces produce heat that is between 25 and 35 degrees warmer than heat produced by other furnaces. They are also far better at evenly distributing heat throughout a space—resulting in a more comfortable living or working environment.

Make UGI EnergyLink Your Natural Gas Company

UGI EnergyLink offers PA homeowners and business owners throughout the east coast a more affordable choice for their natural gas supply. After taking a look at your current gas bill and comparing it to UGI EnergyLink’s price—you might find you are paying too much! For most customers, all you need to do to switch to UGI EnergyLink is fill out a simple form on our website! The UGI Corporation has been around for over 127 years, so you are guaranteed an experienced company to supply your natural gas. With all the advantages of natural gas available to you, what are you waiting for? Fill out our simple enrollment form today!

Common Natural Gas Questions

You may still have questions about natural gas—no worries, UGI EnergyLink sorts it all out for you.

Why can I now choose from different Pennsylvania natural gas companies?

Natural gas deregulation now gives you the opportunity to buy your gas from approved natural gas companies other than your traditional utility company. UGI EnergyLink* is a fully licensed natural gas supplier. As one of the largest and oldest Pennsylvania natural gas suppliers, we can take advantage of market opportunities unavailable to a regulated traditional utility company. This allows us to offer our customers the potential to lower their annual natural gas service bills and enjoy price stability by locking in their monthly rate. In all cases, your local utility company will still maintain the distribution channels that deliver the natural gas directly to your home or business.

*UGI EnergyLink’s prices are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. UGI EnergyLink is not UGI Utilities, and you are not required to buy from UGI EnergyLink in order to receive the same quality of service from your utility.

How do I know UGI EnergyLink is a smart and reliable choice?

Today, UGI EnergyLink is the energy supplier of choice for more than 43,000 residential and business customers in 10 eastern states. We are also part of UGI Energy Services, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortune 500 Company UGI Corporation—which has reliably supplied and delivered natural gas and other liquid fuels locally and globally for more than 127 years. With UGI EnergyLink, you can be confident you’re working with one of the most credible, helpful, and highly experienced Pennsylvania natural gas companies.

How can I compare my current price to the UGI EnergyLink price?

Just click here to view a handy comparison chart for different Pennsylvania natural gas companies. You also can call your local utility, or look on your current bill for a line that reads, “Your current price to compare is….” CCF stands for “centrum cubic feet” and is a standard unit of measurement for natural gas.

Will I save money by switching to UGI EnergyLink?

Over any given year, natural gas rates fluctuate based on availability and demand. While UGI EnergyLink cannot predict the future, we do have a proven track record of saving our customers money compared to other Pennsylvania natural gas companies. In addition, locking in your rate when prices are lower (like before winter starts and prices naturally rise because demand is higher) also helps you avoid seasonal spikes and better manage your annual energy costs.

What pricing plans are offered by UGI EnergyLink?

As a result of the deregulation of natural gas in many states throughout the northeast, natural gas companies like UGI EnergyLink are able to offer multiple pricing options. This is a marketing opportunity not available to a tightly bounded utility company. These pricing options include variable and fixed rates on natural gas, as well as other options. For households and businesses that must budget strictly every month, a fixed rate option on natural gas may be more appropriate. Households and businesses also have the option to select variable rate plans for natural gas. Variable rates have the potential to rise or fall depending on market conditions—so good conditions cause even better prices. At UGI EnergyLink we have a few other pricing options as well for you to choose from.

Contact UGI EnergyLink online or call us at 800-797-0712 to learn more about our residential and commercial pricing options on natural gas. Keep in mind that we serve businesses all throughout the east coast!

How easy is it to switch between Pennsylvania natural gas companies?

Very easy! In most cases, it will take you only about five to 10 minutes to switch to UGI EnergyLink’s natural gas services. Just fill out a simple enrollment form—provide some basic information, and you’ve got us (and our flexible pricing options) on your side. There are no complicated forms or service interruptions to your natural gas service. You’ll just need some information handy, including your current account number and service address.

Will I continue to receive one natural gas bill?

Yes! Your UGI EnergyLink charges, as well as your local utility distribution fee, will be consolidated into one convenient bill and you will continue to make your payment to your local utility company.

What if I have a question about my bill?

For assistance, just call the toll-free number featured on your natural gas bill. A customer service representative, who is part of the utility, will either answer your question or direct your request to UGI EnergyLink, who will work with you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. You can call us directly at 800-797-0712 as well.

Will my natural gas utility continue to come out and check for gas leaks and respond to emergencies?

Yes. If you smell gas or need other emergency assistance, call your local utility immediately. Like some other Pennsylvania natural gas companies, UGI EnergyLink only buys your natural gas. Your local utility continues to own, operate, and maintain the natural gas distribution system in your neighborhood.

Why should I consider a UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan?

A UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan is an annual service contract covering your home’s natural gas appliances that sets us apart from other Pennsylvania natural gas companies. Should a breakdown occur, your UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan guarantees you’ll get priority service 24/7, even on holidays. Our natural gas service experts are helpful, friendly, and serious about getting the job done.

What’s my risk if I decide to switch back to my local utility – are there any penalty fees?

No. If you’re a residential customer in PA and at any time you prefer to switch back to buying your natural gas directly from your local utility, UGI EnergyLink will not charge you a penalty or termination fee. For your added convenience and peace of mind, you may continue your UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan as long as you like, even if we’re no longer buying your natural gas.

If you are a commercial customer anywhere in our service area throughout the east coast and you choose to cancel within the first two months of joining us, there is no charge. After that, regardless of where you go, you will be charged $50 per month for the balance of the remaining contract.

What are UGI EnergyLink’s service areas?

In addition to the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading, and Allentown, UGI EnergyLink’s residential natural gas services are available throughout much of Pennsylvania. Be sure to check out our full service area for residential natural gas.

Our commercial natural gas services are available in the following areas:

Maryland (MD)
Pennsylvania (PA)
New York (NY)
New Jersey (NJ)
Delaware (DE)
Washington D.C
Massachusetts (MA)
Ohio (OH)
North Carolina (NC)
Virginia (VA)

Contact our natural gas experts with any other questions about choosing between Pennsylvania natural gas companies and our services.

Safety of Natural Gas

Because here at UGI EnergyLink we care about your safety, and recognize that natural gas service is an important part of your life—we want to help you use it safely. Read over our natural gas safety tips below so you can get the most out of your natural gas service in a way that’s safe for you and your family. We supply the natural gas to your home or business, but these are tips we strongly recommend all customers follow.


Your appliances are why you have natural gas in your home or business in the first place, so make sure to keep them well-maintained for safety purposes. When appliances aren’t running at optimal performance, serious problems can arise. For example, an important part of furnace maintenance is regularly changing your filter—be sure to check the documentation that came with your filter. Generally, furnace filters should be changed at least once every three months. If the filter gets too clogged, this can cause a backup of unhealthy and potentially dangerous gases into your home or business, putting your family or employees in serious danger. This is a simple natural gas safety tip that can have a big impact!

Another basic, although frequently overlooked, natural gas safety tip is to read the manuals that come along with your appliances. This way, you’ll know what to look for when there are problems, how often you need to maintain your equipment and other important information. For your safety, it is best to understand your appliances as much as possible.

The best way to maintain your appliances is with routine maintenance by an experienced technician. He or she will know what to look for in a malfunctioning appliance, and will see things the untrained eye does not! After an inspection, you can trust your appliance will continue working properly (and safely). UGI EnergyLink offers protection plans that include an annual inspection of your equipment as well as emergency repairs.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Malfunctioning appliances and natural gas leaks could cause carbon monoxide to get into your home. At UGI EnergyLink we add a “rotten egg” odor to the gas so you can detect a leak on your own by the smell. But since problems can occur when you are sleeping or in another part of your home, an important natural gas safety tip is to install carbon monoxide detectors. These work like smoke alarms and will alert you of excess carbon monoxide in your home before it causes you harm. If the alarm goes off, leave your home or business immediately and call 911 along with your local utility provider.


Natural gas enters your home or business through underground pipelines. Pipelines are also an important part of your natural gas safety even though they are separate from your home or business. If you are planning to do any digging on your property, it is essential you call 811 to check if you are digging right over a gas line. A punctured gas line could cause a natural gas leak that would not only disrupt your service, but since natural gas is flammable, it could also create an explosion risk. Check before you dig to ensure your safety.

When used properly, natural gas is an extremely useful fuel with multiple applications in your home or business. If you follow these natural gas safety tips, natural gas doesn’t have to ever cause you any problems. As long as you take your natural gas safety seriously, you have no reason to worry. Contact us for more natural gas safety tips and get the most out of your natural gas service (safely!).

Converting to Our Natural Gas Service

If you already have natural gas lines installed in your home or business, great! Switching to UGI EnergyLink is easy. All you have to do fill out a form on our website—fill out some basic information and you’re set. The process to switch is so simple – and you’ll have the opportunity save money too as compared to your current provider!

If you currently use another type of fuel in your home or business, you’ll need to have pipelines installed to convert to natural gas. Call your local utility provider to see if there is a natural gas pipeline near your property. Natural gas is transported to your home or business through these underground pipelines, so you need pipelines nearby to get the gas. If there aren’t any pipelines nearby, you’ll need an experienced contractor to properly install your pipelines and hook them up to your home as well as the main pipeline. This might seem overwhelming, but in the end when you have natural gas in your home or workplace, you’ll find it was worth it!

Make UGI EnergyLink Your Natural Gas Company

Our goal is to provide you with high quality natural gas at a great price! We are part of UGI Energy Services, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortune 500 Company UGI Corporation—which has reliably supplied and delivered natural gas and other liquid fuels locally and globally for more than 127 years. If you already have natural gas pipelines in your PA home or business in our east coast service area, converting to our natural gas service is easy. You (and your wallet) can experience the benefits of our service in no time! Converting to natural gas with us doesn’t have to be intimidating, and you’ll find it is worth it.

Now that you know how to convert to natural gas, what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information on how to convert to natural gas today!