Shopping for an Energy Provider

Energy Choice is an excellent way to potentially save money for your home or business. However, with over 200 active suppliers serving the PA market, sifting through the market to find the supplier that’s right for you can be challenging!  When choosing an energy provider, in addition to comparing price, here are several things to consider:

Is the company an actual Supplier or are they an Aggregator/Broker?

In many instances, if you select an Aggregator/Broker, there is often an additional fee built in on top of the actual energy cost that you pay for their services.  By going directly with a supplier, you avoid these fees.  UGI EnergyLink is a licensed supplier. We own power generation, Marcellus gas supply and LNG plants right here in PA so we can bring the energy right to you.

Is the “fixed price” really fixed?

If a price sounds too good to be true, it may be.  Power and Gas pricing is made up of an Energy portion (sometimes called the commodity) and a Transmission portion (sometimes called basis).  Many energy providers sell a “Fixed Rate” product that locks the “energy” portion of your price, but not additional costs such as transmission and ancillary charges.  If this happens, the price you see on your bill will be higher than you expect.  Read your contract before you sign up so you understand how your price is calculated.  UGI EnergyLink’s fixed price is a true “all in” price.  What you are quoted is what you will see on your bill*

Are you being quoted an “introductory” rate?

In Pennsylvania, fixed prices are required to remain the same for at least 3 billing cycles.  After that, your energy provider can move you into a variable rate.  Variable rate products are required to be quoted with a 1st month fixed price only. Subsequent months will vary with market prices.
Confirm that the product you are looking for is what you are signing up for.  UGI EnergyLink is very specific with price and term in our product offers.  We want you to understand what you are choosing so you are making the best energy decision that meets your specific needs.  No gimmicks, no double talk.

What happens when your contract expires?

Some energy providers sign you up and then never contact you again.  If you enroll in a variable product, the only contact you will have with them is your monthly bill.  UGI EnergyLink is different.  We want to get to know you and strive to provide you with more than just a bill.  Our customers are contacted multiple times over the course of their contract.  Whether it’s an opportunity to fix a variable contract, to offer special incentives to enroll both gas and electric, or provide annual updates on what you saved, we want you to know who we are.

Is there an easier way to shop?

Are you bombarded with daily calls from companies promising you the best deal?  Afraid you will be “signed up” by mistake? Not sure who to trust?  UGI EnergyLink provides a hassle free, peaceful way to shop for energy.  Enroll in “Future Link” and you will receive one e-mail each month with an energy offer that’s specific to you.  There’s no contract and you can unsubscribe at any time.  When you see an offer that works for you, just click “submit” and we will take care of the rest.  It’s simple, easy and best of all, puts the power to choose back in your hands.

How do I compare Electric Variable Rates?

UGI EnergyLink provides an average calculated per kWh rate by rate class to help you compare rates in the variable power market.** 

*Quoted rates exclude GRT and Sales Tax where applicable unless otherwise stated.

**Individual customer rates are calculated utilizing a customer’s unique capacity and transmission factors plus the monthly usage.  Current customer rates may vary from this amount