How to Avoid Hidden Fees on Your Energy Bill

March 5th, 2017

Hidden fees are a constant bane to all modern consumers. Clever service or product providers use odd wording, strange logic, and even outright excuses to hit you with fees all of the time. But at the same time, this is the information age, and consumers are getting pretty savvy on how to fight back against hidden charges and misinformation.

Want to learn more about how to avoid hidden electrical fees in Pennsylvania? UGI EnergyLink is here to help!

Learning About Your Options and Deregulation

Want to know the good news? Hiding fees, and making service seem more appealing than it may actually be, recently got a whole lot harder here in Pennsylvania. Why? Because our state has, as have many others, deregulated electricity. When regulation was in effect, consumers had very few options when choosing an electricity provider. Now, however, you are open to explore many options, which in the end saves you a lot of money and frustration.

How Does This Help Me Save on Hidden Fees?

The biggest way? It allows you, and behooves your provider, to ask for and receive much more information than before. Choosing your rate means you can learn about how a company charges, and whether or not it utilizes a lot of the common “hidden” fee systems.

These can include adjustments to fees according to time of day, or whether they have a “minimal use” charge. By dodging these “hidden” fees and customizing your service to suit your needs, you have more options, and can save a lot more on monthly utility cost.

Finding Your Best Rates with UGI EnergyLink in PA

At UGI, our number one priority is to help you find the ideal service to suit your unique needs. We’ve been helping home and business owners in Pennsylvania for decades, and we are completely committed to bringing you the best service and product. We have the skill and knowledge to help you dodge the funky hidden fees, bringing you cost-effective service that you know looks out for you.

UGI EnergyLink is your partner in becoming a knowledgeable, safe, and satisfied consumer. Contact us online today to learn more!