Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Natural Gas in West Virginia

The deregulated natural gas market for commercial businesses in West Virginia has been around since YEAR, but many business owners still have questions about their services and options. UGI EnergyLink has been providing natural gas services for over 127 years and is here to help answer all your questions!

Knowing your options about selecting a natural gas provider can help your company have a say in all your business operations and save money on utility bills. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about commercial natural gas in West Virginia or contact us at UGI EnergyLink with any more questions you may have.

What are the advantages of commercial natural gas for my West Virginia business?

Why should a business convert their workplace to commercial natural gas? That’s a question we often receive at UGI EnergyLink—and we answer it with all of the advantages there are to using natural gas to heat your business in West Virginia.

Here are our top five reasons for selection natural gas for your West Virginia commercial company:

  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel.
  • Most natural gas appliances are more efficient than other fuel counterparts.
  • There is a domestic abundance of natural gas.
  • It’s a reliable heating source and can be used anywhere.
  • Natural gas has become an affordable, comfortable heating choice for businesses like yours!

When did West Virginia’s commercial natural gas services become deregulated?

West Virginia natural gas became deregulated for commercial markets recently.

What does that mean for your commercial business? It means you have a choice and the opportunity to save money on your monthly energy bills. Natural gas is an extremely efficient option for heating your office space or property. With seasonal fluctuations in WV, you can lock in a low fixed-cost to help budget and save on the bottom line.

Who provides commercial natural gas in West Virginia?

UGI EnergyLink serves a variety of clients within West Virginia. We already provide commercial natural gas to businesses across your state, including:

  • Small and large businesses, both local and nationwide
  • Institutional
  • Governmental

In West Virginia, we can take over your natural gas accounts if your company uses any of the following local utilities:

  • Dominion Hope
  • Mountaineer Gas

Who has cheaper rates for commercial natural gas in West Virginia?

Every business or organization’s usage is different, so savings will vary. If you’re still comparing natural gas providers in West Virginia, we’ll be happy to provide a free savings analysis to help you make the best business decision for your company!

At UGI EnergyLink, we can offer many different rate plans for your company—in addition, we have a proven track record of saving our commercial customers money compared to other West Virginia natural gas companies. While natural gas rates will fluctuate based on supply and demand, we can help you lock in rates when prices are lower to help your business avoid seasonal spikes and manage your month-to-month costs.

For your West Virginia business’ fuel, we offer:

  • Fixed-price rates – this allows you to have price certainty by locking in a fixed price for several months at a time or even over a year. If you’re focused primarily on managing a tight budget, this is the option for your company.
  • Monthly-price rates – you can have some certainty on energy costs while also taking advantage of variable market conditions and dips with a month-by-month rate.
  • Triggered-price rates – by working with your representative from UGI EnergyLink, you can control your commodity prices by analyzing NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) triggers.

How does natural gas delivery work in West Virginia?

The pipes that carry natural gas to your commercial property or office will remain the same, and when you switch to our services, you won’t experience any service interruptions. Your monthly utility bills will depend on which rate plan you select and how much natural gas your office uses, but that natural gas will still be delivered through the existing pipelines.

We’re making it easier for you to oversee your company’s money and utility bills. Using UGI EnergyLink’s commercial natural gas services is not another hassle for managing your business. You’ll just pay one monthly bill. Your UGI EnergyLink charges, as well as your local utility distribution fee, will be consolidated into one convenient bill and you will continue to make your payment to your local utility company.

How do I switch to UGI EnergyLink for commercial natural gas service in West Virginia?

It’s easy! To switch to UGI EnergyLink’s commercial natural gas services in West Virginia, call us or fill out our simple enrollment form. Our service professionals will make all the necessary arrangements for your smooth transition to natural gas services for your West Virginia company from UGI EnergyLink.

What are the benefits of using UGI EnergyLink for West Virginia commercial natural gas?

UGI EnergyLink stands out from other West Virginia natural gas companies that provide commercial services, because with us, you can really save money on your business or organization’s energy bills! When you connect with UGI EnergyLink, you can:

  • Switch to our commercial natural gas service—hassle free and with no service interruptions
  • Lock in a rate to save money for your business over time
  • Forget worrying about increases or seasonal fluctuations
  • Improve monthly budgeting with a consolidated, predictable bill
  • Work with a company that has been around for over 127 years

To make the switch to UGI EnergyLink natural gas services in West Virginia, call us at 800-797-0712800-797-0712 today!