Information about Residential Natural Gas in Allentown, PA

Your city of Allentown, Pennsylvania now has a deregulated natural gas market, but are you familiar with what deregulation is and what it means for you and your home? It means having access to more options and lower rates on residential natural gas service in Allentown.

Although you now are able to choose your natural gas provider, leading to potential savings on your monthly utility bills, you may still have some questions about what a deregulated natural gas market means for your hometown.  At UGI EnergyLink, we put our Lehigh County customers and community first and have answered all your questions here!

Should I Choose Natural Gas for my Allentown, PA Home?

Many homeowners in Allentown find that natural gas is a much more affordable heating choice than either oil or propane since the natural market in Allentown has been deregulated. Natural gas furnaces also require less maintenance and can last up to 20 years, resulting in greater long-term savings. In addition, since your natural gas appliances will be more efficient, you will save even more money! Natural gas furnaces produce heat that is between 25 and 35 degrees warmer than heat produced by other furnaces. They are also far better at evenly distributing heat throughout a space—resulting in a more comfortable living or working environment.

When listing advantages of natural gas in Allentown, it’s also important to know that natural gas:

  • Is the cleanest fossil fuel
  • Appliances are more efficient
  • Is domestically abundant
  • Is reliable
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Is an affordable, comfortable heating choice

What Is Natural Gas Deregulation in Allentown, PA?

Under natural gas regulation, homes in Allentown had only one option when it came to choosing a natural gas provider—the local utility. Natural gas deregulation opens up the market and enables multiple service providers—such as UGI EnergyLink—to compete. The purpose of natural gas deregulation is to lower prices and increase customer satisfaction by introducing competition into the Allentown residential market.

With natural gas deregulation, you now have the opportunity to buy your gas from approved natural gas companies other than your traditional utility company. UGI EnergyLink* is a fully licensed natural gas supplier. As one of the largest and oldest fully licensed Allentown natural gas suppliers in Pennsylvania, we can take advantage of market opportunities unavailable to a regulated traditional utility company. This allows us to offer our customers the potential to lower their annual natural gas service bills and enjoy price stability by locking in their monthly rate.

*UGI EnergyLink’s prices are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. UGI EnergyLink is not UGI Utilities, and you are not required to buy from UGI EnergyLink in order to receive the same quality of service from your utility.

To transition to our residential natural gas service in Allentown, just fill out our easy enrollment form.

How Do I Save Money on Natural Gas in Allentown, PA?

Natural gas rates naturally fluctuate on any given year—based on availability and demand—and that could mean varying energy bills delivered to your Allentown home each month. No PA natural gas company can predict the future, but at UGI EnergyLink, we have a proven track record of saving our customers money on their monthly utility bills.

With UGI EnergyLink service in Allentown, you are able to lock in your rates at a time when they are lower to avoid seasonable spikes and reliably maintain your energy costs each season.

How Do I Switch Natural Gas Companies in Allentown, PA?

Switching natural gas companies is really easy if you already have natural gas lines installed in your home. We make it easy for you to switch to UGI EnergyLink’s Allentown natural gas services—no disruption of service, complicated forms, confusing explanation of services! To have an opportunity to save on natural gas compared to your current provider, all it requires is filling out an enrollment form on our website with basic information. Our flexible pricing options and notable customer service can be on your side in only five to 10 minutes!

If your home currently uses another type of fuel, you’ll need to have pipelines installed to convert to natural gas. Natural gas is transported to your home or business through these underground pipelines, so you need pipelines nearby to get the gas. Call the local utility provider in Allentown to see if there is a natural gas pipeline near your property. This might seem overwhelming, but in the end when you have natural gas in your home, you’ll find the opportunity for savings is worth it!

Why Should I Choose UGI EnergyLink for Natural Gas Services in Allentown, PA?

UGI EnergyLink stands out from other Pennsylvania natural gas companies in Allentown, because with us, you can really save money on your home energy bills! When you connect with UGI EnergyLink, you can:

  • Easily switch to our natural gas service in Allentown—with no service interruptions
  • Lock in a rate to save money over time
  • Forget worrying about increases or seasonal fluctuations
  • Improve monthly budgeting with a consolidated, predictable bill
  • Work with a company that has been around for over 127 years

To make the switch to UGI EnergyLink natural gas services in Allentown, call us at 800-797-0712800-797-0712 today!