Connect with a smarter way to buy liquid fuels.

When you’re responsible for purchasing liquid fuels for your company, you want to make smart decisions. Controlling costs can sometimes be the toughest part of the job. We’re here to help. Together, we’ll

  • Review your current buying habits
  • Determine the effect of global fuel markets on your purchasing
  • Consider seasonal price swings, production factors and general economic conditions

Reliable delivery is important to you, too. We maintain an extensive network of suppliers of all types of fuels to assure delivery under all conditions.


BTU Swap Advantage

If you use liquid fuels as a backup to natural gas, a BTU Swap is a smart alternative to consider. Here’s how it works:

  • You contract for a fixed number of BTUs at a fixed price.
  • If an alternate fuel price dips below the contract price,
    you can buy that alternate fuel at the lower price.
  • We then sell the higher-priced fuel back into the market and
    you receive the net proceeds from the sale.

You not only save with the lower-priced energy, but you also earn a profit on the price spread between the commodities.

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