Natural Gas Service in Hershey, PA

Are you looking to save money on your heating bills? Have you ever considered natural gas? Natural gas is an energy efficient fossil fuel that can be used to heat homes and offices throughout Pennsylvania. If you live in the Hershey, PA area, UGI EnergyLink can connect you with affordable natural gas service that will help you save even more! Whether you are installing gas for the first time or are looking to switch utility companies, UGI EnergyLink has you covered!

Contact us online or give us a call at 800-797-0712 to learn more!

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas has a huge number of advantages, and you can experience them all with our natural gas service in Hershey! Natural gas is:

  • Domestic – most natural gas comes Pennsylvania and the surrounding states
  • Reliable – you’ll always have a steady supply of natural gas when you need it, without having to use heavy containers
  • Clean – natural gas produces fewer greenhouse gases than coal or oil
  • Energy efficient – natural gas can produce the same amount of heat as other fuels while using less
  • Affordable – when you use less energy and you select a plan from UGI EnergyLink, you could save on your utility bill each month!
  • And more!

Don’t wait any longer, use our natural gas service and see how much money you might save! You’ll have more money in your pocket to enjoy Hersheypark and other exciting destinations Pennsylvania has to offer.

Natural Gas and Its Uses in Hershey

You can lock in a great low rate on our natural gas service in Hershey, so you’ll never have to worry about sudden changes in the price of your natural gas. You can have peace of mind that you have a great natural gas heating price – and it will stay that way! With such big savings on your natural gas service, you could start using natural gas to power your:

  • Dryer
  • Fireplace
  • Grill
  • Stove
  • And more!

Start using this energy source all over your home with your savings from switching to our natural gas service! If you try us and decide we aren’t for you, then you can switch back to UGI Utilities at no additional fee! All these benefits with no risk involved – what are you waiting for? Switch to UGI EnergyLink today!

How to Switch to Natural Gas in Hershey, PA

Switching to our PA natural gas service is easy! There is no construction involved if you already have natural gas in your home. All most customers need to do is fill out a simple enrollment form and we’ll take care of the rest! You’ll start getting your natural gas service in Hershey from UGI EnergyLink and you could see your natural gas bills drop!

More About Natural Gas

Natural gas heating is very popular in Pennsylvania. In fact, according to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2009 two million PA homes used natural gas services. More and more PA residents are learning how much natural gas heating will benefit them. On a national scale, the US Energy Information Administration reported 24.6% of total energy use was made up by natural gas in 2010. Don’t miss out on what energy-smart Pennsylvania residents, and people all over the country, already know – contact our natural gas company today!

Choose UGI EnergyLink for Your Natural Gas Service in Hershey, PA

No other natural gas service provider can offer you the great benefits we do! Compare your current bill to the price on our website and see how much you can save! It’s simple to switch to us, there’s no risk involved and you can switch back if you are unsatisfied!

We’ve been providing our customers with natural gas heating for over 126 years, so we understand your needs. With us, you can be confident you will be satisfied with our services. Stop paying more for your natural gas heating – enroll with UGI EnergyLink to get our natural gas service in Hershey today!