Natural Gas Service in New Holland, PA

Reliable & Affordable Natural Gas

Do you currently use natural gas heating in your home? Are you paying your utility service way too much to get it? Switching to UGI EnergyLink could save you money while still providing you with the natural gas service you’ve come to rely on.

What Can Natural Gas Be Used For?

Natural gas is an affordable form of energy that can be used to power your everyday essentials.  If you currently use natural gas or are looking to switch, contact UGI EnergyLink! We can help you switch to an affordable energy source that could save you money every month! Why pay more when you can get the same product from our natural gas company?

With such big savings on your natural gas service, you could start using natural gas to power your:

  • Dryer
  • Fireplace
  • Grill
  • Stove
  • And more!

You can lock in a great low rate on our natural gas service in New Holland, a picturesque borough located in Lancaster County, so you’ll never have to worry about sudden changes in the price of your natural gas. You can have peace of mind that you have a great natural gas heating price – and it will stay that way!

Enroll for Natural Gas & Electricity with UGI EnergyLink

Switching to Our Natural Gas Service

Switching to our PA natural gas service is easy! There is no construction involved if you already have natural gas in your home. All most customers need to do is fill out a simple form on our website. We’ll take care of the rest! You’ll start getting your natural gas service in New Holland from UGI EnergyLink and you might see your natural gas bills drop!

Worried about a service interruption when switching to our natural gas company? Throw those worries away! You won’t even notice you’ve switched your natural gas company – until you see your next bill and the potential price difference!

Natural Gas Equipment Protection Plans

We understand how much you rely on your natural gas appliances – that’s why we offer protection plans in New Holland to our customers. For a few dollars a month, you can call us any day of the year at any time of the day or night when your heating and cooling equipment is malfunctioning. We’ll make sure it gets fixed – fast. After all, our office is located only 30 minutes away from New Holland.

Our plans range from basic to comprehensive, so you can choose what’s best for you. What other natural gas companies in New Holland can offer you this kind of protection? Switch to our natural gas service today!

Advantages of Using Natural Gas Heating in New Holland, PA

If you have never used natural gas before, it may be an intimidating transition. Natural gas has a number of advantages, and you can experience them all with our natural gas service in New Holland! Natural gas is:

  • Domestic – Coming straight from American soil
  • Popular for new homebuyers – make your home more attractive when you resell
  • Reliable – you’ll always have a steady supply of natural gas when you need it
  • Clean – natural gas produces fewer greenhouse gases than coal or oil
  • Efficient – warms your equipment 25 to 25 degrees warmer
  • Affordable – contact UGI EnergyLink to see how much you can save!
  • And more!

Don’t wait any longer, use our natural gas service and see how much money you might save! You’ll have more money in your pocket to enjoy all the concerts and art shows held in New Holland!

Natural Gas in Pennsylvania Facts

Natural gas heating is very popular in Pennsylvania. In fact, according to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2009 two million PA homes used natural gas services. More and more PA residents are learning how much natural gas heating will benefit them. On a national scale, the US Energy Information Administration reported 24.6% of total energy use was made up by natural gas in 2010. Don’t miss out on what energy-smart Pennsylvania residents, and people all over the country, already know – contact our natural gas company today!

Click here to read our guide for more natural gas information.

Choose UGI EnergyLink for Your Natural Gas Service in New Holland, PA

No other natural gas service provider can offer you the great benefits we do! Compare your current bill to the price on our website and see how much you can save! It’s simple to switch to us, there’s no risk involved and you can switch back if you are unsatisfied! We’ve been providing our customers with natural gas heating for over 127 years, so we understand your needs.

With us, you can be confident you will be satisfied with our services. Stop paying more for your natural gas heating – enroll with UGI EnergyLink to get our natural gas service in beautiful New Holland today! We serve the entire New Holland area, from Ashlea Village to Himes Hill. Fill out our simple enrollment form for service!