Residential Natural Gas in Pennsylvania

Why Choose an Independent Supplier for Natural Gas in PA?

Tired of high natural gas bills? Choosing a natural gas supplier independent from your utility can save you more money — and doesn’t cause any service disruptions. Natural gas deregulation in Pennsylvania areas like Camp Hill allows you to choose who supplies your gas and can benefit you financially as well. You could be paying too much for natural gas in PA right now, so switch to UGI EnergyLink and lock in a low rate to save!

The switch is easy – click here to enroll and you can become part of the UGI EnergyLink family today.

Save Money on Your Natural Gas Bills

Switch to UGI EnergyLink – Your Link to Lower Gas Bills

Did you know that in the Commonwealth State you can choose your natural gas supplier? It’s true! Today, you can make the choice to save money on your PA natural gas. Lock in a great low rate with UGI EnergyLink — one of the area’s largest, oldest, and most reliable natural gas suppliers for residents of Pennsylvania.

With one low rate with us, you won’t have to worry about dramatic increases and seasonal fluctuations! If you’re tired of being surprised by your gas bills, and you want to see the difference between natural gas and propane, consider switching to UGI EnergyLink!

How to Get Affordable Natural Gas in PA

Think saving money on natural gas will be a long, stressful process? Think again! With UGI EnergyLink, it’s easy to shop, switch, and save on your natural gas. Compare your rate with ours – you might find you’ve been paying too much! Follow these steps to see whether we can save you more money than other Pennsylvania natural gas companies:

  1. Look at a recent natural gas bill and find your Customer Number.
  2. Look for a line that says “Your current price to compare is…”
  3. Compare your rate with UGI EnergyLink’s rate for natural gas in PA below.

Natural Gas Bill

If your current rate is higher than ours, enroll and save now! And switching is easy – for most people it just takes filling out a form on our website. But we do more than just provide you with quality natural gas. Switching to natural gas in PA from UGI EnergyLink comes with a number of benefits:

  • An opportunity to lock in your rate and lower your gas bill
  • An easy way to switch
  • No service interruptions
  • A chance to sign up for a UGI AdvantageSM Protection Plan

We want you to be happy with your choice for PA natural gas. So, if you try UGI EnergyLink and you want to return to UGI Utilities, you can! No fee. No questions asked. So there’s no risk when you switch to us!

Switch to Our Pennsylvania Natural Gas Service to Save

As you can see, UGI EnergyLink can offer you many benefits that other Pennsylvania natural gas companies just can’t compete with. You’ll have the opportunity to save money and get a protection plan for your heating and cooling equipment – with priority service 24/7/365 – plus it all comes with no service interruptions from one company you trust. Click the green button below to sign up for natural gas in PA from UGI EnergyLink today!

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