4 Pro-Tips for Shopping for Energy in a Deregulated Market

May 2nd, 2017

Electricity bills are an unavoidable part of modern life, but in Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market, you have the opportunity to shop around for your preferred energy supplier. But how do you know which company you should sign up with? Just follow these four pro-tips when shopping for energy.

Compare Costs per Kilowatt Hour

The whole point of switching energy providers is to save money, so the first tip is to compare the going rates. A savings of just a few pennies per kilowatt hour can make a huge difference, especially if you run a large business with high energy usage. The provider with the lowest rate should catch your attention first.

Compare Price Plans

A low rate this month is great, but what about next month? And, what about the month after that? The way your energy supplier bills you can make a huge difference. Fixed pricing is best if you want to lock in a low rate and avoid any surprises. Index pricing may be more lucrative if you’re willing to accept some risk to take advantage of potentially lower market pricing. Make sure the supplier you choose offers the pricing option you prefer.

Compare the Fine Print

On top of the rate per kilowatt hour, you’ll face other charges and fees. These include energy generation and transmission costs, state taxes, and charges for implementing Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards. The easiest way to explore the fine print is to request offers from multiple energy suppliers in Pennsylvania. Read the Terms of Service carefully to avoid accidentally picking a more expensive provider.

Choose an Experienced, Reliable Energy Provider

If more than one supplier has your attention, break the tie by considering each company’s experience and reliability. UGI EnergyLink is a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company that has reliably supplied natural gas and electricity for over 127 years. Plus, we don’t just buy and sell energy – we also own key generation facilities that are part of the PJM Power Pool. By combining our power generation with the broader PJM Pool, we supply reliable, cost-effective energy to homes and businesses in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Make UGI EnergyLink Your Deregulated Energy Supplier

As you do your comparison shopping, be sure to request an offer from UGI EnergyLink. We make it easy to switch providers, so you can start saving on utility costs right away! Contact us today for more information on our home services throughout Pennsylvania and, for commercial business owners, throughout the Mid-Atlantic.