Step-by-Step Guide to Switching Natural Gas Suppliers

May 20th, 2017

Are you paying more than you should for natural gas? Thanks to the deregulated market here in Pennsylvania, it’s easy to find out, so you can switch to a more affordable natural gas supplier if you choose. The process is very straightforward. Simply follow this step by step guide.

Compare Rates

Check your most recent natural gas bill to see what your current rate is and how much energy you consume per month. Remember to look at all the charges associated with your account, including energy generation and transmission costs, state taxes, and charges for implementing Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards. Then, contact UGI EnergyLink or enroll online to compare our rates with your current natural gas supplier.

Check Your Contract for Early Termination Fees

If you’re on a fixed-term contract, you might encounter early termination fees. Check your bill for a statement telling you when your plan expires. If the date is coming up, you might want to delay switching natural gas suppliers a little longer to avoid the penalty.

Pick a Price Plan

UGI EnergyLink offers four natural gas pricing options:

  • Fixed pricing locks in a low rate.
  • Monthly pricing comes with variable monthly bills based on market conditions.
  • Triggered pricing involves working with a UGI EnergyLink representative to take advantage of NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) triggers for the most attractive prices.
  • Fuel switching is when you alternate between natural gas, oil, and propane for the lowest cost based on current market conditions.

Enroll by Phone or Online

Once you calculate your savings, you may determine that UGI EnergyLink is the most affordable option. When you’re ready, enroll with us to officially begin switching natural gas suppliers.

Our professionals make all the necessary arrangements. Simply provide us with your account number and current utility company’s name, which can be found on a recent bill, and we’ll switch your natural gas supplier without interruption. You’ll only know you’ve switched when you see your lower bill next month!

Switch Natural Gas Suppliers to UGI EnergyLink in PA

When it comes to affordable natural gas and reliable performance, no one beats UGI EnergyLink. We already serve 43,000 residential and commercial properties in 10 states—why not join our list of satisfied customers? Contact us to switch natural gas suppliers today!